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Moff! 5cm at widest, 3 hours.
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Finished #Embroidery appliques for  @alisonannwoodward ‘s #bridal gown with the tiniest of #pearls ❤ Her wedding is coming up super soon and I’m getting so excited to see her in the dress!
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Boop boop! All done with filigree, moving onto bugs next! 
#Embroidery #filigree #eyes #goldwork #bridal #floral
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It’s gonna be a busy month! 6hrs on this one but I think it’ll be faster the second time around. About 5” long. Looks pretty nice on the dragonscale eh! 
#embroidery #dragonscale #smocking #bridal #goldwork #filigree
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#Embroidery for @alisonannwoodward ‘s #bridal gown! Expect more like this in the coming weeks ❤

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I want to see how many of us there are

17 holla

I’m 17


22.  Sup y’all.

Me. I’m 23 but had symptoms start at 14. Followers, any of you in the club?

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Moar bones and a bonus box of feathers and I think whole wings. I could do a whole other compilation of just feathers, there are so many around!