Hello to all my new followers!

I’d like to acknowledge and welcome all the people who’ve found their way here lately, especially the spoonie crowd! I’m so happy you exist and have decided to connect with me, or just my art, even in this passive way. We all know there are benefits to a little (or a lot) of strategic passivity ;)

(Heavy feels ahead, feel free to skip the rest)

Chronic illness is super lonely and isolating and part of my way of dealing with that is to share the things I make online. I have issues with feeling “seen” for who I am, since my disabilities are not visible and in fact I look to be a picture of health. SO much of my self-identity goes completely unnoticed or unappreciated and frankly, it fucks me right up. Every time I see someone for the first time in a while I invariably hear “You look so good!” and I feel so empty and frustrated. They can see my body but not my pain, my years of fatigue and struggle. Those things are so present with me, so integral to my self-image. There is such a disconnect between how I feel and how I look and it’s dysmorphic and demoralizing.

What I’m trying to say is that I SEE you, spoon friends, I see you and I feel your frustration and your loneliness and your strength and I’m really glad that you can see me too. Take good care of yourselves.

Love love love love love,


Final boss beetle! I’m all done with my #embroidery for @alisonannwoodward ‘s wedding dress, just got to sew them all on and finish constructing the bodice and it’ll be finished. This is the last you’ll see of it until then, I’ll post pics from the wedding after August 9th ❤
Itsy bitsies! About 5cm across, an hour’s work. For the wedding dress I’m making c:
#embroidery #spider #bridal #goldwork
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Moff! 5cm at widest, 3 hours.
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Finished #Embroidery appliques for  @alisonannwoodward ‘s #bridal gown with the tiniest of #pearls ❤ Her wedding is coming up super soon and I’m getting so excited to see her in the dress!
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Boop boop! All done with filigree, moving onto bugs next! 
#Embroidery #filigree #eyes #goldwork #bridal #floral
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It’s gonna be a busy month! 6hrs on this one but I think it’ll be faster the second time around. About 5” long. Looks pretty nice on the dragonscale eh! 
#embroidery #dragonscale #smocking #bridal #goldwork #filigree
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#Embroidery for @alisonannwoodward ‘s #bridal gown! Expect more like this in the coming weeks ❤

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I want to see how many of us there are

17 holla

I’m 17


22.  Sup y’all.

Me. I’m 23 but had symptoms start at 14. Followers, any of you in the club?

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