Anonymous asked: just a gentle correction that 5/16ths is smaller than 3/8ths. You probably meant that you should have gotten 14th instead :) this is regarding that last ask about your honeycomb organics piece <3

Just checking to see if people are paying attention…

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L’Amour d’or ❤
I haven&#8217;t been posting much recently because most of my creative time is being devoted to a bridal project (not merely a gown!) for my deer friend Alison. Hours and hours of smocking and practicing embroidery techniques for what will easily be the most ambitious sewing project I&#8217;ve ever worked on. 
I&#8217;m loving it though! Hopefully I&#8217;ll be able to do more bridal projects once I&#8217;ve got this one finished and can show people what I can do.
In the meantime prepare to see lots of antique white silk and gold thread :3

ivory-to-steel asked: hello! i was just going through your blog (your work is beautiful, by the way!) and was wondering what kind of snake huxley is? she's so gorgeous <3

Thanks very much! c: Hux is a Baird’s rat snake, scientific name Pantherophis bairdi. 

For MedievalPOC, a blogger here on tumblr who receives endless hate and threats for exposing people to alternate historical narratives and for discussing systemic racism, criticizing academic gatekeeping and the disenfranchisement of American indigenous people to name a few.
I&#8217;ve learned so much from this person both in terms of facts and critical thinking skills that I wanted to give something back more tangible than a donation (although this person does all this amazing work for zero money [and possibly endangers their own personal safety as well as credibility in their chosen field] in their free time, so if you check out the blog and appreciate what you learn I&#8217;d encourage you to make a donation yourself)
Thank you so much for your dedication, passion, and time, MedievalPOC, you&#8217;re making a difference and though your progress will be hampered every step of the way by those benefiting from the status quo, you will also be supported and celebrated and I hope that gives you strength.
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These sassy patches are now  available in my Etsy Embroidery Emporium! Sew em to yer vestments to communicate your grumpiness without resorting to actual contact with another person :D
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Stained this embroidery hoop with ink and I think it looks much nicer than plain blond wood. Can’t wait to give this to my roomie c:
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Made a banner for my etsy shop! Check it out for weird and whimsical embroidery and miscellany! I would love to do commissions as well, I just need your ideas and budget and I will make something happen for you ❤
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Gettin&#8217; motivated over here. This will be available in my shop later this week, about 7mm across, cotton on linen. DO IT

My shop is aliiiive

Hey valemtimes, I hope you’re all feeling the love today.

I’ve decided to celebrate the capitalist side of this special day with the relaunch of my etsy embroidery emporium which you can peruse here! I’ll continue to post the things I make to this tumblog and if you see something you really like, please consider purchasing it and in so doing support me in my gentle adventures c:

I haven’t been able to work for a while and I really want to go to Toronto to visit my baby brother in May, so if there’s anything I can make for you please don’t hesitate to contact me here or via Etsy and we can discuss a custom embroidery or sculpture! 

Also you have my sincere thanks for following, you all really motivate me to create and it makes me so happy that you enjoy my art <3

Be well, lovelies!

xxx Ann